Product Introduction

Product Introduction Institutional Products

Combi Joint Bench

Gently watch over your child. It is a bench that is easy for parents to sit on and has excellent maintainability.


Layout according to space

  • A variety of layout proposals can be made according to the space from the connection of two or more straight benches (W1600 mm)


Free layout is possible in the order of color and size

Excellent maintainability

  • The bench can be replaced with parts on the seat and sides, so it is possible to respond quickly in the event of dirt or damage. 
    * Except the side boards of the corner bench

Easy to install because there is no need to fix the floor 
Safety and environmental considerations

  • Soft heart cushion material so that it does not hurt even if it hits
  • Use materials that have cleared the Food Sanitation Law
  • Use environmentally friendly materials